How could Heinz create a stunning visual campaign that shows how their products use only all-natural tomatoes?


Discovering some internet memes one day, we realized that tomatoes could be cut in a way that look scary but actually reveal their unique goodness. We thought that using these "terrifying tomatoes" to scare followers on Halloween was a great way to communicate the naturalness of Heinz tomatoes and capture Heinz's witty tone of voice.


The idea needed an image to work best, and we wanted to take our tomatoes "out in the streets" and turn them into a buzzworthy Halloween visual that becomes part of the global Halloween conversation. These key visuals are the main idea of the campaign, but we expanded it by hacking Heinz content with these terrifying tomatoes on social media channels and interactive OOH displays. All the assets of the campaign rely on the impact of the visuals, which needed to be terrifying and appealing at the same time.


The campaign made a huge impact in record time both on social media and in the press, achieving more than 2.800 impressions on LinkedIn at launch and was named one of the Top 5 Campaigns of the Week in Ad Age.


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