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#MakeVajayOkay #PPKSEMTABU

There are more than 4k terms used to name a vagina (including vajay). Naming is not the issue; the issue is not talking about it.


  • Bayer


  • Sao Paulo


Women are ashamed to talk about their vagina and their conditions.


In order to break the taboo on vaginal thrush, it is necessary to fight the taboo about the vagina.


To create #PPKSEMTABU (#MakeVajayOkay). A movement for women to openly talk about the health of their vajayjays.


The manifesto video had more than 19MM views. Gino-Canesten had the biggest market share in the history of the brand. Record sales. Bayer's campaign is the most relevant in the world, according to Google.

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Site wt ppksemtabu

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