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Rescue Dogz

An exclusive online dog food brand transforms misspelled dog names in Google searches into rescue dog names.


  • Güd


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Güd, an exclusive online dog food brand, needed to talk about pet adoption – an area they had largely forgotten as competitors took up the cause. To reverse this, in 2019 Güd asked us to come up with a campaign to raise awareness of dog adoption.


Since Güd has always based its communication on humor and memes, what if Güd hacked the most powerful tool used by dog buyers and compelled them to adopt a rescue dog?


By hacking a simple search engine, we were able to identify the target audience and transform them from buyers into potential adopters. First, we analyzed the most common spelling errors on Google when searching for purebred dogs. Then we bought these words and used them to name dogs from a partner rescue center.

Every time someone searched Google using a misspelled a dog breed name, they received a Google Ad, as if someone was giving the specific dog they searched for away for free.


Besides increasing the number of dogs adopted by our partner rescue center by 740% during this month-long campaign, Rescue Dogz has put Güd in the spotlight.

The campaign has boosted their social media followers by 40% and driven more than 85,000 visits to their website. It also created over 15 million media impressions and almost 2 million Brazilian Reals in earned media.

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