Appearances can be deceptive. Sometimes the security threats we face are hiding in plain sight. ​Not just sophisticated attacks – but patches, updates, equipment failure. The routine stuff that can help prevent much bigger issues. ​ That’s why BT Security and its experts are always looking beneath the surface to spot the trends and threats that could impact them and their customers.


Noma Bar is famed for telling visual stories. Using negative space, Noma manipulates everyday icons to create witty, double-take images. His bold use of colours, shapes and pared downed iconography has made his style instantly recognisable. Recent commissions also include the latest cover of Margaret Atwood’s The Testaments and magazine covers for The Telegraph, Esquire, Bloomberg, Time Out London and Wallpaper.


llustrated by Noma Bar, ‘See Further’ asks people to look for the underlying meaning to demonstrate that threats aren’t always easy to see.

Demonstrating BT’s ever watchful eye and protection, one key illustration highlights the vulnerability of human error represented as a person at the computer with the alertness and vigilance of BT symbolised as an hawk. Other visuals include circling sharks around a hidden scared face, a wolf hidden in sheep’s clothing and a snake in the grass.

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