Jand J self exam filter

Self-Exam Filter

An Instagram filter that teaches women how to do a breast self-examination


  • Johnson & Johnson


  • Sao Paulo


A worrying effect of this pandemic is the delay in exams for diagnosis of breast cancer:

  • 6 out of 10 women cancelled their doctor's appointments.
  • It is expected a 30% increase in breast cancer cases over the next decade.
  • More than 60k new cases this year.

The self-exam does not replace a medical assessment and exams like the mammogram. But represents a relevant step for early diagnosis. The sooner it is discovered and treated, the chances of cure are 95%.


Women are addicted to Instagram beauty filters, that's a fact. But what if instead of being used to distort the notion of beauty, filters could be used for something more important: women's health? (Even more, so, this pandemic year).

To contribute to the journey of prevention, J&J with it's with The Self-Exam Filter went in the opposite direction of Instagram's platform providing an important service to all women.


J&J had to be modern and popular, so it was decided to use one tool that is always on women's hands: filters.

But unlike the other filters, the Self-exam Filter is an Instagram filter that teaches women how to do a breast self-exam by learning the step-by-step on their own body. That is, a filter not to be posted, but do be used for women's self care.

With this technology, the mobile display becomes a mirror where a projected animation guides the right movements on the right spots of the breast.


More than to generate brand awareness, The Self-Exam Filter was created to actually help women. Although all the results are very positive: 4,5 millions of users were reached with earned media. The filter was 40% more accessed than other filters. On the first week, 136k women tried the filter, meaning that 136k women took care of themselves and others.

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