Eco Clean, a new and improved laundry detergent brand, needed to launch and establish its authority and quality in a highly competitive laundry market.


Stains happen. Removing them? Not so easy. There are plenty of tips and tricks out there, but not all of them work. Eco Clean has the answers you need. Not only coming from a product point of view, but also from real-life stain experts.


Staincyclopedia! We searched for, identified, and tested the most common and hardest wearing stains out there and compiled them in a handmade, interactive, informative, pun-filled book that’s half information, half real-life stains. Each stain comes with a name, story, step-by-step removal guide, and a piece of real stained fabric that people can cut and try washing by following the instructions provided.


Limited edition handmade books were made and shared with influencers in the relevant category, and small booklets will be printed and distributed for free at point of sale in leading retailers. This idea positions the brand as an expert in removing stains that occur in everyday life and delivers useful information in an engaging way on how to handle them with a product that actually works.

Staincyclopedia Cannes 2022

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2022 Dubai Lynx

2022 Dubai Lynx

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