Following Marta's Lipstick, Avon was about to launch a whole line of long-lasting products, something that's not big news in the brazilian beauty market. We already had opted to team up with brazilian female athletes for this campaign, but hadn't decided how yet.


So we had the click. Since we have athletes + a long-lasting makeup line, let's make a whole film about sweat. We decided to show that the foundation, lipstick and concealer would stick with those women all day, even if they would go training.


The second part of the insight was to replace a traditional voiceover or a manifest for a kind of prayer: a mantra. This way we connected all the struggles that athlete women in Brazil go through with the performance of the products.


Since its launch the campaign has been a reference for both our clients and the advertising market. It is provoking a change in the mentality for a change in communication and specially of how to connect the concept with the product wisely.

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