In a region where showing deep local understanding is key to relevance and preference, we knew we had the chance to bring Heinz, an international brand, closer to the Arab people and culture.


We connected Heinz to the region's pride in a relevant way by tapping into a key tension during food consumption. For a community that is brave under so many circumstances, being afraid of ketchup just didn't make any sense.


Heinz and Wunderman Thompson Dubai turned one of the most iconic pieces of clothing in the Arabian Gulf, the white thobe, into an unstainable outfit that gives men the flexibility to enjoy their favorite dishes with all the Heinz ketchup they want without worries.

The 'Unstainable Thobe' campaign takes on the challenge of solving the dilemma of how to keep your thobe impeccably white and enjoy food fearlessly.

Local tailors, designers and textile makers worked together to figure out the best way to create this innovative fabric. After months of conceptual development, the brand developed a high-tech protective barrier against ketchup stains.


Beyond the earned media and millions of impressions achieved during the first days of the campaign, we expect The 'Unstainable Thobe' initiative to bring Heinz closer to local audiences and increase brand love and affinity.

Heinz unstainable thobe en subs

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