COVID-19 has forced the world into self-isolation which means working from home indefinitely—a task that is especially challenging in highly collaborative industries such as marketing and advertising. And while technology has made connecting with colleagues easier, there is no substitute for the buzz that comes from working in busy agency.


For those in the creative class, they know that isolation can hinder creativity. Oftentimes, a creative environment is required to enable creative thinking to occur. And for creatures of social habit, silence can be deafening.


We created an 8-hour soundtrack of agency ambiance that mimics that essential office buzz at home. The soundtrack is made up of 8 one-hour tracks intended to be played consecutively from the start of the day to the end.

The soundtrack consists of a combination of city sounds (traffic, sirens, horns), office sounds (email notifications, elevator sounds, typing, chatter), with a few distinguishable marketing quips voiced by actual agency employees in both English and French not to mention some water cooler talk with pop culture references related to Tiger King, Ozark and Westworld.

The entire album is available to stream for free on Soundcloud and features stylish track art of familiar office scenes such as carafes of coffee, Eames chairs, under-watered desk plants and even client meeting leftovers to make those listen feel like they’re really at the office. Even the track names are a reminder of work with titles such as “But first, coffee” and “Beer o’clock.”

Black screen with the words ISOLATION CASE 4
Hands on a laptop with WT Isolation Station Playlist on the computer screen

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