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Alphabet - Open for Better

‘Open For Better’ campaign features new packaging to create positive messages and share them with the world
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Coke new hero

AVON launches campaign “This Is My Color”

The film is part of a series of actions for the brand’s commitment to the fight against racism
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The Mantra

A film made of sweat to launch the new Avon long-lasting makeup line
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Coalizão Negra por Direitos

Genocide Targets

Using data to prove that black people are targets in Brazil
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#MakeVajayOkay #PPKSEMTABU

There are more than 4k terms used to name a vagina (including vajay). Naming is not the issue; the issue is not talking about it.
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Site wt ppksemtabu

Hidden Fridges for Amstel

To get into the party at Brazilian carnival, we did what everyone else did – put on a costume.
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United Nations

Inertia City

Short film raises awareness of UN’s Global Goal for sustainable cities
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Brazil Work Urban Mobility

Here To Stay

The greatest soccer player in the world wore Avon's lipstick during the Women's World Cup.
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Womens Day - Taste the Change

Coca-cola pays homage to women on International Women's Day by remembering past achievements and craving for new ones.
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Eddie Highway

Protecting truck drivers on Brazil's highways
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