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It’s time for brands to step up and become leaders when it comes to responsible data ethics, showing customers that they care about their privacy.

The two main technologies that power third-party tracking - third-party cookies and mobile advertising IDs - are being restricted and switched off. By early 2023, brands will no longer have access to much of the third-party data they currently use to target audiences and drive online leads and sales. Brands need to act now to adapt to this new ‘cookie-less’ world.

Introducing Resolve

Backed by the scale of WPP, Resolve is Wunderman Thompson’s privacy-first personalisation technology. It helps brands recognise their customers so they can personalise their interactions with them, without sharing their data or using third-party tracking. Resolve is a flexible solution you can use alongside your existing marketing technology platforms.

29 D WT Resolve with captions

Resolve Comprises Two Core Elements:

Delivering Results for Major Brands

We’re already using Resolve to help some of the world’s biggest brands to become leaders in data. Resolve is backed by over 20 years’ experience in data-driven marketing and updated with modern machine learning, artificial intelligence and cloud technology.

Major change lies ahead. Resolve is here, not just to help you prepare for that change, but to give you the opportunity to turn it to your advantage.

Are you prepared for a cookie-less world? The time to act is now. We're here to help with our Resolve white paper, a guide to help you prepare for the future of online advertising.

Watch the solution film here:


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