Wunderman Thompson is home to more than 500 B2B specialists around the world dedicated to inspiring growth for ambitious brands.

Our best-in-class B2B offering brings together the unparalleled depth and breadth of Wunderman Thompson capabilities spanning creative, business transformation, content, experience, loyalty, personalisation and commerce.

We help brands around the world build emotional connections at every stage of the customer journey, delivering truly relevant and insightful communications that enable business acceleration.  

Our suite of tools makes it easier to navigate the complex B2B landscape.

The InspiredB2B Assessment Score helps brands identify the impact their B2B strategy and operations are having across every part of their business and understand where to prioritise efforts to better drive growth.

Loom B2B is a data-driven intelligence solution, powered by AI using natural language processing and text, created to allow brands to develop their content strategy with confidence and clear direction. Built around the LinkedIn Audience Engagement API, the richest source of B2B audience behaviour insights globally, Loom B2B equips brands with engagement insights into business leaders and professionals at scale. 

Wunderman Thompson is a global authority on B2B marketing. In 2022 we were awarded the inaugural Creative B2B Grand Prix at Cannes Lions for ‘Speaking in Colour’, an AI tool designed for Sherwin-Williams Coil Coatings that allowed architects to speak colour into existence for the first time ever. 

Continuing to provide industry defining insights, Wunderman Thompson’s Global Inspire Study shows that inspiring brands outperform peers on two key metrics – growing market share faster and enabling them to charge at higher price points. The findings show that inspiration has a significant impact on B2B buyers, with Inspired B2B brands.

The Secret of Successful ABM

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The last decade has seen the growth of ABM to a point where some B2B marketers say, “All B2B Marketing is Account Based Marketing.” Big talk indeed, but how do you ensure that ABM delivers its full capabilities for your business? Let’s start with a simple truth. It’s not Accounts that buy from companies, it’s People. To earn the trust of buying groups and their influencers, your ABM needs to unearth insights about customers’ emotions. And turn that data into actionable sales programmes, at scale, with meaningful distinctiveness on an individual level. We can help you unlock the true potential of ABM, starting with this article.

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Delivering Inspirational B2B Experiences

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Inspired B2B brands connect with their customers on an emotional level through exceptional experiences, but many struggle to even meet basic needs and build meaningful relationships. Empowering employees, streamlining processes, centralising customer data, and integrating systems, brands can accelerate transformational change. However, silos and disparate technologies hinder progress. We've identified three challenges and offer solutions to help ambitious brands win, build solid foundations, and bring inspiring ideas to life!

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Using Emotion in B2B

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B2B marketing has too long been an area where marketers have played it safe, merging into the crowd, rather than standing out to inspire. It’s easy to make a logical argument for your product or service, even if your competition is making one that’s remarkably similar.
But that won’t get your brand noticed, talked about, or bought. Your customers are ultimately human, and you still need to meet them in human ways.

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