We believe that the greatest barrier to brand growth is Health Inertia - a phenomena which exists when people lack the motivation to make positive change.

We break Health Inertia with inspiration - connecting with people more meaningfully through creativity, data, science, and technology. Inspiration unlocks growth by changing behavior and ultimately improving health outcomes.

Healthcare 2022: Trends, Predictions, Challenges and Opportunities

A collection of curated factoids to help health brands not only contend with market realities but anticipate change.

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As a full-service specialist group within Wunderman Thompson, we work with companies across the entire healthcare spectrum

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Health Solutions

We are in the inspiration business. This impacts everything we do—from how we look at a creative challenge to how we find ways to connect people to brands. Our focus is on growth that creates value—and doing it in a way that’s closely connected to a deeper purpose and meaning. We know that purpose-driven brands earn trust and outperform their competitors; we have a proven track-record of creating market-leading brands across the entire health landscape.

We know how to put people—consumers, members, patients, or HCPs—at the center of everything we do. We are relentless about understanding their needs, wants, and motivational triggers to deliver content and messaging that is more personal and relevant.

Generational insights can provide a powerful backdrop and source of creative inspiration. Our work with aging patient populations and Millennials, for example, has been a powerful enabler of growth for several different brands.

The healthcare ecosystem is complex and changing rapidly. People expect more from their interactions with brands and seek meaningful experiences at every touchpoint. Delivering on this can be a challenge.

We know how to create and deploy omnichannel marketing programs that are personal and drive action. We bring a wealth of expertise in applying data, uncovering insights, and employing marketing technology to enable modern marketing.

And we know how to create connected ideas across a broad range of technologies and media platforms—from anthemic TV commercials to designed experiences that build more intimate bonds between people and brands.

The Wunderman Thompson Health Equity Practice was created to battle forms of health inequity rooted in cultural bias​ and mistrust.

We believe health inequity is a systemic disease, that requires holistic treatment. ​

Using a proprietary 4-step process, we diagnose and combat all forms of health inertia that perpetuate health inequity and allow it to spread.​​

Our two medical education businesses, IMsci and Phase V, bring together a blend of scientific, marketing and creative experts. These groups turn complex scientific data into simple, relevant content—enabling clients to educate HCPs around science and clinical outcomes in a digestible way.

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