Wunderman Thompson Moscow - a new agency in the Russian market

In 2019, two talented Russian agencies joined forces to become Wunderman Thompson Moscow – a new creative, data and technology agency.

J. Walter Thompson Russia, launched in 1994, won many Russian and international awards for its work. Actis Wunderman, opened in 1997, was a leading digital agency in Russia, with clients including MasterCard, Audi, Nestlé, Canon and Ford.

Now as Wunderman Thompson Moscow, our new agency aims to inspire employees and clients to grow and develop together by promoting extraordinary talent, innovative unconventional ideas, and daring solutions. Together we are more effective and competitive, offering complex integrated solutions and the creativity and technology expertise of professionals from two successful agencies. Our campaigns inspire growth for a prestigious list of clients that includes Bayer, Mazda, Nestlé, Froneri, Home Credit Bank, and many others.

Our Work

Delivery Club

Delivery Club - Grocery Delivery

Groceries delivery is not a luxury!
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Ya V Pomosch Charity Fund

I Can Help

The first mobile app that connects Russia’s pensioners in need with those who want to help
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Pomosh hero image
Johnson & Johnson

Tenderness Is Power

Johnson’s believes tender dads make the world a kinder and gentler place
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Jand J hero image

The Brightest Impulse

The creation of not just a new car but a new character, a new personality.
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Wunderman Thompson Moscow WORK MAZDA KV

Good Mix

Advertising Campaign for Good Mix sweet bar
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