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Friend With (Other) Benefits

Now you can find "Friend With (Other) Benefits" on Tinder


  • Bangkok



For years, Tinder had been established as a dating app with a stereotype for finding one-night stands and friends with benefits. This reputation posed a challenge for recruiting new users in Thailand, where research showed that this new gen is the most likely group to quit the app within one week for not wanting to participate in hookup culture. On the other hand, however, other Gen Z users who stayed also showed the highest interest in using the app for non-dating or non-sexual purposes.


Based on this insight, the agency came up with the idea “Friends with (Other) Benefits”, or in Thai “Puen Sampan” which twists the word for “sex” into a brand new word for “friendship”. The aim is to capitalize on this emerging trend as a new attraction for the Gen Z to give Tinder another chance.


In less than one week, the launch film received over 9 million views and multiple organic mentions in the media. The campaign line “Puen Sampan” soon started trending on social media. Stay tuned the campaign for “Friends with (Other) Benefits”/“Puen Sampan” continues through January 2021. Stay tuned and download Tinder to experience more exclusive content.