Solve the Impossible

Showing customers how Medidata helps to make the impossible, possible
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Medidata Case Hero Image

The Right to Rest

How we took a purpose driven approach to making sick days a right, not a privilege.
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Theraflu 2
Meridian Medical Technologies

Smallpox Simulator

The tool, created for Meridian, maps how potential outbreaks might occur throughout the world.
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Smallpox Simulator Presentation Image FINAL 2
Palate care
Operation Smile Colombia

The Palate Care Dispenser

The first food and medicine dispenser for children with a cleft palate
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Shot of Lifetime Hero
The Washington Lottery

Shot of a Lifetime

Some people hate the shot. A shot at a million dollars though? Not so much.
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Viral Against Viral You Tube

Viral Against Viral

Fake news about Vaccinations were taking over and YouTube had to fight this
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Bielo 4

Violet Month

Raising visibility and awareness of transgender health care
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4 Sweetheart
Newell Brands

The Safety Squad

Turning a product innovation into an advertising innovation to protect babies
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Golden 93s 02 BL
Johnson & Johnson

Dignity to Flow

Johnson & Johnson addresses menstrual poverty in Brazil
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Todo mundo tem peito 2
Avon Institute

Everyone Has Breasts. Take Care of Yours

Emphasizing the importance of early breast cancer screening, diagnosis and treatment
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Argentina disabilities HERO

Inclusive design is a world designed for all

Unilever wants to ensure inclusive design extends beyond the Paralympics
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White Ribbon

White Ribbon Promise

White Ribbon UK’s subverted posters share a hard-hitting message about women’s safety at festivals
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Genera Dia Das Maes 154s ONLINE 20210506 00 00 44 08 Still023
Laboratory Genera

Invisible Connections

Laboratory Genera shows how much a mother and her adopted child may genetically have in common
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