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We believe that the greatest barrier to brand growth is Health Inertia—a phenomena which exists when people lack the motivation to make positive change.

We break Health Inertia with inspiration—connecting with people more meaningfully through creativity, data, science, and technology. Inspiration unlocks growth by changing behavior and ultimately improving health outcomes.

As a specialist group within Wunderman Thompson, we work with companies across the healthcare spectrum from pharma and biotech to consumer health, devices, technology, health insurers, hospitals and animal health.

About Health Inertia

A Shift From Education to Inspiration

Identified through proprietary research in 2017, Health Inertia is a deep-seated problem that leads people to believe they are healthier than they are, leaving them lacking the motivation to change and improve their health. Traditional, one-size-fits-all marketing only exacerbates the problem.

To compel people to act, information alone is not enough. What’s required instead is an emotional connection, tied to personal motivations and deep—sometimes even unconscious—desires like freedom, happiness, or the ability to be a better parent or partner.

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Put the Person First

The 2019 Wunderman Thompson Health Inertia Study is our third annual study on health inertia. In contrast to the first and second studies, which focused on consumer health behaviors, this study focused on physicians—specifically those with patients at risk of osteoporosis.

Our hypothesis was that current communications methods—which are largely rational and relayed uniformly to all doctors—can be improved by being more personalized.

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Health Solutions

We guide healthcare marketing with disciplined, agile strategy that cuts across service lines, product verticals, market segments and technology solutions. By combining brand awareness with multi-channel direct-to-consumer content marketing, we work to achieve measurable, profitable growth for healthcare companies.

As experts who own, organize, manage and connect data, we work to deliver a consistent healthcare consumer experience across channels and find new customers. From clients to 3rd parties to digital, social and mobile, data can be a strategic asset in the right hands. Accurate, full-bodied data fueling a 360° view of the individual helps healthcare companies engage, win, and keep customers.

We approach analytics strategically, with a vertical market approach by turning data into intelligence within a healthcare context. We extract maximum value from your data. Let us help you take an enterprise approach to deriving insights that is dynamic, strategic and applied and activated in real time - tied to core strategic business objectives. Measure cross-channel attribution across the consumer’s complex, multi-dimensional journey. Our advanced analytics refine your understanding of healthcare customers’ behaviors and preferences in a digital and cross-channel world to make you a more agile and competitive marketer.

We deploy high engagement online tactics to keep pace with ‘always-on’ healthcare consumer experiences through communications that connect with your customers’ conversations.

We build brand awareness and engagement that delivers accountable creative that makes your bottom-line the top priority with a proven creative process to realize superior results.

We consult in the following areas: customer strategy and insights, customer and brand experience, marketing and sales, and health outcomes and engagement consulting services.

Marketing technology must drive personalized, proactive customer interactions within healthcare’s complex ecosystem. We provide next generation omni-channel CRM automation that moves from a campaign-only mindset to measurable consumer-centric marketing reaching across customer lifecycle touchpoints delivered through best-in-class MarTech partnerships that integrate multiple operating systems.

We believe strategy is born by translating a molecule’s clinical rationale to real world, embraceable treatment solutions. Our medical communications offices provide strategic and scientific communications that are grounded in the evidence, embraced by thought leaders and realized in every medium. Our scientific acumen relies on our bench of PhDs and PharmDs who are storytellers that go beyond the obvious to balance data, business needs and scientific insights to create differentiation for your brand. We develop relevant and personalized experiences for peer-to-peer communication because HCPs are people too. By blending data and analytics into creative communications, we deliver individually meaningful messages and optimize them over time. These compelling messages and content have the emotional power to inspire action. As global communication leaders, we are intensely passionate about using our skills to accelerate better health outcomes through education.

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