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8th floor, 11 bis Nguyen Gia Thieu,
Ward 6, District 3,
Ho Chi Minh City

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Vietnam is a small and beautiful country with victorious history, profound patriotism and wonderful landscapes. Led by our team of 30 technologists, we are the Vietnam office of Wunderman Thompson – part agency, part consultancy, part technology company built to inspire growth for ambitious brands. We are an agency with many firsts, including the first LGBT brand campaign in Vietnam and the first interactive video campaign.

Our Work


Love to Fly

When free is not enough
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VietJet Air - “Fly around Asia and hunt for the 1kg golden aircraft” campaign

Beat The Heat

Taking clothes off your favourite celebrities on mobile. Say what?
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Revive beat the heat

True Love

What does True Love really mean?
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Babi Mild

Ultra Mild Pure Natural

The best way to show the thinness of a baby’s skin is to feel it.
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The Future 100: 2.0.20

The 25 trends shaping culture, behavior and brands
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Future100 grey new

How Brands Can Win in a Recession

Old Lessons and New Challenges
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See Things Differently

Inclusivity Is Good Business: A New Report on Designing for Everyone
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The Private Life of Generation Z

Generation Z, those born after 1997, are the canaries in the coal mine of privacy.
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