Saudi Telecom giant STC kept investing until it dominated the 4G era. But with the game-changing upgrade to 5G, rivals demanded a rematch. So how could STC prevail and win the broadband war again?


Four years ago during the 4G era, STC created the first branded entertainment hub in Saudi called 'LaYwagif' and brought to life a set of characters to communicate internet speed.


But it was time to up the game! STC introduced 5G Superheroes to the rescue, calling on their five most popular 4G characters and giving them upgrades to match the STC network. United in an unprecedented mega-film, our heroes were equipped with new powers and fought together against a new villain who wreaked havoc online!

By repurposing 4G investments to introduce 5G, STC conquered the competition and left Saudis engaged, entertained and 5G-powered.


The campaign has achieved unprecedented success, including:

  • 5% increase top of mind
  • 15% increase in 5G sales
  • 6M views in the first week
5 G hereos CS Effies1

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