When MAC Cosmetics launched it´s all new e-commerce platform in Argentina, they needed to capture the attention of a young target audience by doing what these kids love most: Instagram and parties.


The Met Galas, The Oscars, and all high-profile launch parties with live entertainment, cool drinks, influencers and celebrities are where everyone wants to go – but not everyone can get in.


MAC threw their first Instagram Launch party – and everyone was invited. The MAC Instagram profile was an opening to live bands, hundreds of influencers, hipster bartenders, celebrities and professional make-up artists. Everyone who came along could meet and hang out, linked to dozens of other user profiles and hundreds of pieces of content.

To live through the different experiences, we created a user interface where users could click on and move through tags on Instagram like #Stages #Dancefloor #Restroom #Cocktails, like rooms, as if they were actually there. More than 22 Instagram profiles were created and over 100 videos were shot in order to generate the feeling in real-time. And anyone who wanted to could buy the entire MAC product line directly from the Instagram posts.

This party was one big dynamic shopping experience, where people could not only see the MAC product worn by their favorite artist or celebrity but could also click to buy them – transforming every scene of the evening into a product gallery.


The sign of any good party is when people keep talking about it well after it’s over – making the MAC Cosmetics Instagram Launch a blockbuster! The #MacDigitalOpening hashtag was a top trending topic in Argentina, with MAC’s e-commerce platform receiving more than 11,500 clicks per minute. But more importantly, MAC Cosmetics Argentina sold more product through their online platform in just seven days than they had hoped to sell over the entire year.

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2021 Webby Awards

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