A living-donor kidney transplant is the best option for a kidney patient. However, deceased-donor transplants remain the most common practice. Because there is a generalized lack of knowledge about the procedure. Because accepting a friend’s or family member’s kidney is a difficult decision. And because donating, with everything that it entails, also generates a dilemma. The Hospital Clínic, Spain’s yardstick for living-donor transplants and the first to reach 1,000 successful cases, wanted to make the most of this milestone to shine the spotlight on live donations and raise awareness among the public that it is always the best way to go.


“If we have two kidneys, it’s so we can give one away”. None of us would dare to say something like that. It is why we turned to them: recipients and donors who talked openly of the fear they felt when getting a family member or friend to enter the operating theatre or the love that led them to make a gesture as selfless as donating their kidney. This was how “The place where love cures fear” was born. Because something as big as fear can only be overcome by something just as big. Love.


It was abundantly clear to us that anything our protagonists could say would be much more valuable than some catchphrase we might come up with for the campaign. So, we decided not to write anything that was not based on their words. Yes, that’s right, they did our jobs for us. And what a fantastic job they did. We created short pieces for social media that took you to their stories: conversations between fathers and sons, brothers, couples, and even friends.

A range of different stories that shared a common message: giving a kidney is the best decision that they ever took. In the graphic campaign, we used their words to move from the recipient’s fear or denial to the donor’s love, thereby recreating the kidney donation process. It was easy. All we had to do was switch on the camera


The campaign was very well accepted by the public in general as well as by the medical community, as the Hospital Clínic is a world reference in this type of transplants.

Servando Corta
Solana Corta
Serna Corta

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