Because abusers always work from home.

Reports of domestic abuse soared by 49% during lockdown according to Crimestoppers figures reported in the news.

It was vital we reached out to help with a powerful message that directed people to the help provided by the NCDV. The National Centre for Domestic Violence (NCDV) offer victims access to free legal advice, including legal injunctions - which often prove to be life-saving.


This campaign was a proactive piece of work, created in just three weeks. With no budget we relied on goodwill and so it was essential that the idea was incredibly powerful, not only to ensure cut through but to ensure production companies, editors and the like would be inspired to help us make it for free. A great many people were moved by the idea and wanted to help us ensure this message reached as many people as possible. BAFTA winning actress, Vicky McClure, was more than happy to record the voice over for the film, directed by Geej Ower. Particularly relevant because Vicky played a woman trapped in a controlling, manipulative relationship in Channel 4’s I Am... Nicola, (2019). Media owners such as JC Decaux, Blow Up Media (through Kinetic) and Clear Channel readily donated (or charged a nominal fee) for thousands of poster sites nationwide - on the basis of the strength of the idea and message. Stylist magazine featured the film in an important piece about domestic abuse and the lockdown. BBC broadcaster, Emma Barnett, organically tweeted about how this ‘advert stops you in your tracks’ and the film was David Reviews ‘Pick Of The Day’.


The idea "Abusers Always Work From Home" came at a time when the government was instructing everyone to "stay home" to stay safe from the Coronavirus. However, for the victims of domestic abuse being 'locked down' with their abuser left them in greater danger. By subverting the idea that staying home was safe with the simple message 'Abusers always work from home' we instantly created a strong response in people. Not only did the film and posters reach victims firsthand, the fact that thousands of people reposted/commented on the film and shared images of the posters helped us reach as many victims as possible.


The film was viewed 750,000 times in a matter of weeks. A host of individual celebrities shared the film on to their followers such as Normal People’s star Daisy Edgar Jones, Josh O’Connor, Genevieve Gaunt, Royce Pierreson, and Shelley King (who plays a woman in an abusive relationship in Coronation Street). Rachel Riley referenced the importance of the campaign in a newspaper interview where she spoke about a close friend of hers who is a survivor of domestic abuse.

Calls for help to the NCDV increased by 25% during this campaign.

Mark Groves, CEO NCDV said: “This idea makes my hairs stand up! What is more important is the contribution this campaign is making towards our mission: to make domestic violence and abuse socially unacceptable. We have seen incredible numbers watching the video, the posters have been spotted all over the country and commented on by celebrities which helps to fuel awareness. I cannot put a value on the success of this whole campaign, utterly tremendous and so it continues!!”

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