Due to the pandemic, we can feel overwhelmed adapting back to new routines, and we value our physical and mental health more than ever. We need to get people to understand that the gut is central to our overall health and you can feel powered up with Activia and lots of daily routines that will get you moving.


The "new normal" made us very aware of health information and advices, maybe more than we needed to. We felt the need to give a clear and real message on how to energyze ourselves in a recognizable and usual world, by showing lots of activities you can do to power up without forgetting to have Activia products.


#getready #gutready. We wanted to capture different ways of powering up considering the pandemic moment we're living, and reinforcing the visuals with a simple and easy language, the hashtags, that defined those situations (zoom calls, home workouts...) and reinforced the key messages of the film.


Since it's a global campaign, the spot has aired on more than 10 countries all over Europe.

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