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Ad without the break

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  • MediaMarkt


  • Antwerp


For big electronic retailers like MediaMarkt, promo ads are necessary to generate sales. They frustrate online viewers, especially when they’re unskippable. And that’s not good for brand likeability. Especially since products of MediaMarkt are all about offering people the best viewing experience, like high quality tv’s, tablets and smartphones.


Instead of a traditional commercial break, viewers get to see a video ad allowing them to simply keep on watching their favorite show while the promotion or product is shown. No interruption... just a different screen. This new way to show products and promotions, launched in partnership with SBS, one of the biggest broadcasting groups in Belgium, was loved by the public.


79% of the viewers appreciated the ad, with a 67% increase in likeability. 97% even remembered the ad after seeing it. It was also loved by the partnering brands of MediaMarkt. Which is why in the future, MediaMarkt will use it as a permanent format to advertise promotions online.

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