Avon, in the minds of people, was an outdated brand struggling to update itself. Conceived 130 years ago, Avon was now fighting for relevance in the modern world.

Perceived as low-quality, cheap and outdated, Avon was struggling to recruit younger representatives and consumers driving a constant delving in penetration, sales and market share.


Key insight: women are often made invisible

and are underestimated - 79% of women say they suffer from imposter syndrome.

Fuelled by societal barriers, stereotypes and unconscious bias, they grow up experiencing it to the point they start believing it.

Self-doubt erodes female potential and women’s ability to transform their life and the lives around them.


The new brand idea ‘Watch Me Now’, a celebration of yesterday's underdog, their journey of becoming, and an ode to stepping into their power - strategic idea and a global framework for the local markets to execute experienced across every brand touchpoint.


Results are incredibly positive with ‘Watch Me Now’ proving to be a galvanising idea to the brand and the business.

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