After 60 years of history with the Jet Album in Colombia, we had to relaunch this popular icon so that it would connect with the new generation, their tastes and interests.


We would transform the album into engaging content, building connection and interaction and creating a platform that spoke the language of Centennials.

We understood the consumption and entertainment dynamics of young people, to whom the album is directed, and of all Colombians – lovers of chocolate.

We toured four regions of the country in search of young people who we worked with to discover the essence of Colombia, seen through their eyes, diving into Colombia’s gastronomy, music, people, places, traditions and nature, and return to our native land an album that exalts and celebrates who we are.


As leaders in confectionery in Colombia, we decided to start selling the relaunched album we historically gave away for free.

To achieve this, we targeted Centennials, discovering that they are willing to pay for traditions they haven't had the chance to experience themselves. To do so, we invited them to co-create the album, launching a brand new version.


Inspired by the cultural transformation of Colombians, it achieved an average of 116% of our monthly sales objective over 6 months, resulting in 870,000 albums sold, becoming the best-selling print publication in Colombia – exceeding by 35% the magazine with the highest circulation in the country.

In addition, we sold more than 34 million chocolate bars, and our highly successful launch was even acknowledged by the Minister of Commerce and the Vice President of the Republic.

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