WT Gurgaon Kurkure Ode to families

An ode to Indian families

Thanking Indian families for standing together amidst these challenging times


  • PepsiCo Food


  • India


Through its long journey in India, Kurkure has always been an integral part of Indian families and their daily moments filled with ‘quirky masti’. The new campaign is based on three relevant insights. The cultural insight of how India has been known for its joint family - centric setup; the social insight which recognizes the deepened bond, uptick in family time and increased connect between family members during these challenging times as more and more people have moved back home; and the consumer insight which identifies people's need to express themselves in fun and quirky ways.


In light of current events, families have become more important than ever, acting as one's support system and making these tough times somewhat bearable.

This ode to Indian families was the brand's way of recognising and celebrating families that have been there for us through tough times. Done in a very quintessential Kurkure manner, with loads of quirk and humour.

Kukure 40 SEC 29 July full highres

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