Smartbox represents 40,000 partners and more than 150,000 experiences.

However, there is no loyalty either to the brand or to a segment in the "gifting" category. Despite the diversified offer, potential buyers consider this gift too impersonal and generic. Smartbox has to reinvent and differentiate itself from its competitors by proving that each box remains a unique gift, able to please all of us for the holidays.


How do you prove that no matter your lifestyle or your passions, there is a Smartbox for you? Based on the assumption that in the 150,000 experiences offered by the brand, one of them will necessarily please the loved one, and will therefore be the perfect gift. The agency Wunderman Thompson Paris had the idea to position Smartbox as the gift that one chooses to offer taking into account the other, its desires and its complexity.


In a simple and offbeat way, the agency Wunderman Thompson Paris has chosen the ultra customization by renaming the Smartbox well known by all with new titles adapted to specific types of customers: a versatile teenager, an overbooked sister or psychorigid parents.

For each of them, Smartbox offers a specific experience and services, corresponding to their personalities.


This campaign opens the era of personalization for Smartbox, a major asset to maintain its leadership.

Smartbox Vacances Aout WT Paris
Smartbox Passion Automobile WT Paris
Smartbox Week end Break WT Paris

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