Our biggest challenge was driving more people nationwide to help children in need during the holidays, the time of year that is most competitive for charities and when kids are most in need. We needed to create work that could truly stand out, grab our audience’s attention, and ultimately inspire action over apathy. Our story needed to be instantly relatable but not cliched and forgettable like so much holiday work can be.


Toys For Tots called on WT to come up with a new PSA for its 75th year. Our objective was to increase donations to Toys For Tots and help children in need across the country by inspiring viewers to realize the massive impact their simple actions can achieve this holiday season. Toys For Tots is an iconic charity, having created many beautiful PSAs during past holiday seasons, but this year our goal was to tell a story that centered on the donor instead of the receiving child, to empower the viewer and drive them to action by showing the connection between their donation and a child in need.


For children everywhere, Santa is this elusive character that delivers the magic of the holiday season each year. However, a bit of Santa’s magic exists inside of everyone, all of us, just waiting to be unleashed. It’s the power of giving. We want people across the country, of all backgrounds, shapes and sizes, to realize that when they give to Toys For Tots with the Marines, they too can be Santa for a child in need.


With this new campaign, we hope to inspire more givers and increase donations for Toys for Tots.

Final 60spot Marines Toys for Tots

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