In recent times, brands often promote sustainability and environmentally friendly solutions, sensing that these are hot topics among consumers. However, these messages are often met with skepticism, to the point of labeling some of them as efforts in greenwashing. We needed a way to effectively showcase that Ariston is serious and truthful in claiming sustainability and environment friendliness.


Ariston’s heat pumping solutions offer extremely efficient home climate solutions, without any CO2 emissions and minimal energy usage. While being protective of nature, they are also capable of creating indoor spaces that can sustain even complete ecosystems.


We wanted to give physical proof to Ariston’s claims by creating a tangible experience for everyone. By setting up a small cabin in the heart of Budapest – typically a moderate climate city – and making it a home to tropical plants which need stable and constant temperature, we not only highlighted Ariston’s capabilities of environment friendliness while also creating comfort, but we also gave concrete evidence of its sustainability. By partnering up with Terrán, a Hungarian producer of solar panels integrated into roof tiles, the system was powered by solar energy making it completely self-sufficient.

Welcome to the Ariston Nimbus Garden!


The installation attracted thousands of visitors and produced more than 40 unpaid articles in the media. A small scale social media activation also gained an overhaul of response, proving that a tangible experience can create a extremely strong online engagement, as well.

Watch the video to see it for yourself!

Ariston nimbusgarden eng

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