Black Friday is the busiest period of the year for the cruise industry as it marks the start of Wave Season. During this this period, prospects and booked guests receive multiple communications, across channels, not only from competitors, but from different units within the same organization creating a negative impact on deliverability, engagement and ultimately conversion.


Working with the Client, we needed to define the rules required to drive automated personalized messages at scale by developing a clear understanding of message sequencing, timing, content (creative and offers) and channels to optimize marketing dollars and ensure improved success on campaigns.


Our team developed an orchestrated customer communications plan as well as a thoughtfully orchestrated technology infrastructure to ensure well-orchestrated data which delivers empowered decision making.

The end-to-end solution was architected taking into consideration:

  • Communications Strategy: defining the exact moments to send ‘black Friday’ messaging to fit neatly within a long-term campaign strategy, defining user journeys and crafting intelligent business rules and models.
  • AdTech Architecture: Enhancing the power of Salesforce Marketing Cloud by creating automations for every step of the process for bi-directional data transfers and across sources, to incorporate new consumer records from multiple sources (both paid and organic).
  • Operations: Building custom built Accelerators or Tools to drive automation at every stage of the campaign build process from message configuration to QA and deployment.
  • Personalization and Offer Archive: Keeping a detailed archive of each and every message that a consumer receives. This allows us to personalize the next message of offer based on their interaction history at a campaign and overall level.
  • Connection of data to deliver insights: Standing up a Command Center, bringing multiple sources of data together which can be drilled to a transactional level to ensure maximum campaign performance is always achieved and allow for real-time decision making.


Increased sales by 2X, we delivered $55 million in ancillary sales & gained 43% share of wallet in the market in the 2019 Black Friday and Cyber-Monday, making it the best performing campaign in the history of the brand.

Wunderman Thompson Data has been a valued partner for numerous teams within our company for several years. My experience with them from both a technical implementation and marketing automation for campaign execution has been great. Collaboration and expertise is what they deliver for us on a daily basis.

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