Drive awareness of one of HSBC UK’s newest products through their sponsorship of Channel 4’s coverage of Formula One.


Remind viewers of HSBC UK’s position as one of the world’s leading international banks while effectively linking their new sponsorship with F1.


The idents are structured like a Formula 1 race, linking to international services but putting it in a recognisable and relevant setting for viewers. ​

Juxtaposing the slow pace of baggage reclaim with the high-octane drama of the Formula 1 track, the idents use humour to highlight HSBC’s global banking credentials as well as their sponsorship of the Formula One coverage on Channel 4.

Broken Bag 10s 2023 03 01 v01
Corner 10s 2023 03 01 v01
Pit Lane 10s 2023 03 01 v01

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