British American Tobacco is a company that has many different communication/ Activation channels. These channels are all run by different vendors and departments. These channels also create their own data sets. The segregated management of these channels means that valuable data sets were all being stored and managed in different SILOS.


British American Tobacco realized that as a brand it should be seen as forward-thinking/ cautious in its communication. We realized that the only way to appeal to our core audience would be to truly understand their interests, behaviors, and limitations. We needed to get to know our consumers better! We needed to ensure that our consumer's information/ data would need to be accessible and actionable by the teams who actually communicate with them. The Marketing team.


In order to empower the marketing teams with the data and tools required to communicate effectively to the target audience, we decided to implement a Customer Data Platform that enabled us to create a 360-degree view of the customer. Moreover, it empowered marketers to create and analyze and action personalized communications to specific groups of the target Audience. It also ensured that no one under the age of 8 received these communications.


Due to the nature of PII/ GDPR regulations, actuals can not be shared:

- Media spillage vastly decreased

- Personalized communications based on interests and behaviors vastly increased

- Full BI visibility across the target segment and their behaviors was made possible

- First Part Customer database growth

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