Declining consumer base, stagnant sales, lowest category consideration for isotonic - 2018 was the tough for Revive Salted Lemon. Most of all, people didn't see why they should drink isotonic versus bottled water. Such, sales predictions for 2019 looked dismal. On top of it, the category lacks excitement and engagement driven by a vanilla-like same, same and not-so-different communication.


Historical meteorological data reveals, Vietnam gets 3000 burning hours each year across 3 key regions. The way the country deals with the summer is to dress for the season. People wear ninja-like layers upon layers to beat the UV. But it presents yet another danger. Layers did block the sun, but it causes more sweat and dehydration: one that only Revive can re-hydrate, not normal water.


We leveraged the catchy and trendy term originated from a well-known youth song – "So hot, Why are you over- dressed" – to create extra engagement. When users were hooked in, the centrepiece of the entire campaign was the interactive – hyper-experiential real time MOBILE only gamification, where users were given the mission rescue our over-dressed & bundled-up celebrities from the heat. All to prove that people need to undress for the RIGHT reasons – avoid dehydration from excessive clothing, and re-hydrate with "better than water".


Revive needed a revival. Category was in decline, with modest, if not little engagement. Declining consumer base, stagnant sales, lowest category consideration for isotonic.

With that, what we have managed to

Not just beat the heat... but beat the projections.

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