Beter Bed is the largest bed retailer in the Netherlands, specialising in bedroom furniture, mattresses and related products. It employs more than 3000 people with over 1,000 shops in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Sweden and Switzerland.

Beter Bed’s ambition was to increase its online revenue. To achieve this, the organisation pursued an omnichannel strategy and made major investments in the expansion of its eCommerce platform and PIM system. Consequently, Beter Bed was looking for a partner to migrate its existing PIM system and further develop it. Wunderman Thompson Commerce was selected because of our extensive experience with both eCommerce and PIM/MDM solutions.


Product Information Management (PIM) systems are an essential part of the modern omnichannel commerce architecture. PIM systems are what make it possible to share product data simply and consistently across multiple customer touchpoints, improving the CX (consumers will see the same products and the same information wherever they shop) as well as providing efficiency and cost gains to data management.

The PIM system desired by Beter Bed would feed several channels, including the eCommerce platform, an Instore App and data brokers, delivering rich, accurate, and good quality product data. This required an extensive solution with complex rules. In this context, Wunderman Thompson Commerce was able to offer the perfect mix between technical implementations, consultancy, and expert guidance.


We migrated Beter Bed’s existing PIM system from Informatica Product 360 v7 to v8, extending its reach to new channels including an in-store app, marketplaces and data brokers to allow the system to access and use customer information.

Wunderman Thompson Commerce also worked closely with Beter Bed’s Article/Assortment Management team to improve the article management process and provided appropriate training to the company’s PIM team.


Following the implementation, the efficiency, structure and quality of the product data and the eCommerce platform’s omnichannel product feeds have improved significantly. This has led to an increased demand for product data, with a clear view of the ownership of the data across the organisation.

Overall, Wunderman Thompson Commerce helped transform Beter Bed into a PIM-minded organisation in which every team member understands the value of a PIM system and where the system itself contributes to the success of the organisation.

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