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Black Box

Zumbi dos Palmares presents Black Box – a book celebrating the cultural accomplishments of Afro-Brazilians


  • Faculdade Zumbi dos Palmares


  • Sao Paulo


After 300 years of slavery in Brazil, it was urgent to change the mindset that permeates the country’s hidden past in order to regain self-esteem and correct crucial historical omissions that were the basis of racism in Brazil.


Education was the place to start. We wanted to show that black history was not just about slavery in Brazil. We would unveil this history to inspire pride and knowledge in Brazil’s Afro-descendants, promoting a historical correction with these hidden stories about black people’s cultural legacy.


Written in partnership with Zumbi dos Palmares College, Brazil’s only black college, Black Box was the result of over 15,000 hours of work by Afro-Brazilian researchers, historians, journalists, teachers, and people involved in black activism turned into a 200-page book that brings black people’s cultural and historical legacy into the spotlight.

The book includes black boxes in translucent tracing paper, and as the pages are turned important historical information and the names of black heroes are revealed.


The book was given to Graça Machel Mandela, Nelson Mandela’s second wife, who gave it to the Nelson Mandela Institute in Africa. It also inspired Virada da Consciência, a non-stop 3-day event in São Paulo attended by thousands that features more than 500 cultural and sports activities to celebrate black culture and work achievements in Brazil.

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