Engage with younger generations, generate a wider audience, and establish a greater social media presence for KitKat.


Life is busy, and full of reasons to forget your breaks, but scientific studies show that even brief diversions from a task can dramatically improve your ability to focus. One popular place for these brief diversions is social media - more than ever people swap screens and turn to their social platforms to break up their day. Instagram is particularly popular, especially with Gen Z, with 63% of users scrolling through their feed at least once a day.


We've created the perfect light-hearted distraction for your mid-afternoon slump. Introducing Blink Break, a fun digital game launched in social feeds to give us all a little respite from our mundane every-day tasks. The Blink webapp game gives people the chance to have a break from what they’re doing and go head-to-head in an AI-powered staring contest against absurd animals. The game encourages users to progress through various stages, compete against each other and share their results using #blinkchallenge.


KitKat's Blink Break is just one of many initiatives underway to bring its famous Breaks proposition to younger audiences in a new fresh way. The addictive nature of the game created lots of excitement around the brand and successfully interacted with Gen Z which is a key pillar in KitKats growth strategy.

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