BoConcept HQ needed centralised control over their marketing technology, but they also needed to empower 150+ franchisees in 66 countries by giving them the tools to engage with local customers.


Realise a 360-degree customer view by centralising their CRM and data architecture, connecting and activating data across online and offline.

By combining the powers of Salesforce Marketing, Community and Sales Clouds, BoConcept can operate on two levels in the following ways:

  1. Orchestrate customer journeys globally, but create relevant campaign activities locally
  2. Gain complete insights into their local customers within a single environment


  • 150 Franchisees were able to send customer emails and received digital training
  • The smart integration of Salesforce Community Cloud enabled franchisees to automate reminders and built effective cycles of engagement – e.g. newsletters that included local franchisee content but remain controlled at a global level
  • A single sign-on dashboard for all activities
  • Advanced welcome journeys received by first-time web visitors to kickstart personalisation, with follow-ups based on click-profiling and affinity scoring.

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