Highlight HSBC’s promise to make $1 trillion available to its customers globally to help them transition to net zero and concludes with HSBC’s brand purpose statement – “Opening up a world of opportunity.”


“We have a responsibility to lead on the global fight against climate change by removing some of the barriers our customers face on their transition to net zero,” said Becky Moffat, Chief Marketing Officer for HSBC UK. “By playing our part, together we can create the opportunity to build a more sustainable, resilient, and prosperous future.”


We created a new TV ad for HSBC UK highlighting the bank’s commitment to removing the barriers its customers face in achieving net zero carbon emissions.

Launching on November 1st, in line with the COP 26 climate summit in Glasgow, the campaign is an extension of HSBC UK’s ‘Borders’ campaign which launched in September highlighting how physical, attitudinal, and cultural borders can act as barriers to opportunity.

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