Every business could do more to shore up their security. By driving reappraisal of the risk, we can prevent future attacks and breaches.

From a business perspective, BT is a security newcomer with only 3.7% market share. Half of businesses would not consider purchasing security services from BT. But from a customer perspective, the problem is the huge reputational damage caused by breaches. Businesses’ hard-earned trust and reputation is at stake. For example TalkTalk saw a social media uproar after their 2015 breach.

By the time you’ve had a breach, it’s too late.


Cyber-crime is a great leveller for UK businesses of all sizes. 64% of large firms, 65% of medium firms, and 39% of small firms identified breaches or attacks in the last 12 months. We need business leaders to put security top of their to-do list. Cyber-security is most effective when it’s proactive rather than reactive.

“A proactive, forward-thinking approach to cybersecurity strategy is crucial for all organisations, big or small.” – Craig Jones, INTERPOL Cyber-crime Director


Cyber attacks don’t come with warning signs. But what would the world look like if they did? What if hackers were extremely polite, and let you know before they hacked your business?

Warning Signs: Hackers politely warn about an attack. We reveal real hacks don’t come with warnings, before inviting businesses to get secure.

Politeness: Every execution starts with an unexpected polite warning from a hacker

Reveal: Remind businesses that real hacks don’t come with warnings

Security: Invite businesses to get secure with best-in-class cyber-security from BT

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