Grow Duracell's social media followers and increase top of mind awareness, in a space where everyone is competing for attention.


The Duracell Bunny is such an iconic, well loved character. We wanted to bring him to life in a retro-style game, where people could experience his boundless energy for themselves.


We built an addictive AR game through SparkAR, Meta's Augmented Reality platform, which is traditionally used to create AR try-on experiences and camera effects. The game was playable on Instagram, where users steered the Duracell Bunny through an obstacle course, jumping over rocks, cacti and walls with the chance to get a power boost from Duracell batteries along the way that allow Bunny to smash through obstacles with ease.

Those with the highest scores could win a years’ supply of Duracell Optimum batteries or one of five Duracell power banks. The highest score goes to those who continue the game the longest, demonstrating the superior longevity of the batteries.


Average game playing time was 2 and a half minutes. That's 14x the average dwell time for an Instagram video (6-10 seconds) - pretty powerful statistics for a piece of branded content. Our winner lasted a whopping 7 minutes!

We reached 5.7 million users, had 7,300 total game plays, and our new followers increased by 22%. Users posted footage of themselves playing the game on their own Instagram stories, and we had lots of positive engagement with players.

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