While we’ve all been focussing our efforts on beating COVID-19, there’s a forgotten 'C' that hasn’t gone away. 25 people every single day die from cancer in this country. Every week over 800 people in Ireland hear the words, ‘you’ve got cancer’. Cancer has not gone away, and neither has the support of The Irish Cancer Society


Our long relationship with cancer has led us to believe we understand it more in comparison to other diseases. We know that it can be informed by our gender, our habits, our lifestyle. It’s a “long-lasting problem” that has been around for quite some time, we know it’s not contagious and with early detection it can managed. All in all, we feel we know cancer. That's why it has become the forgotten ‘C’ in the age of Covid because it had become the accepted ‘C’ long before that. We have prioritised Covid because it is less familiar, more unknown, more immediately threatening. But unfortunately apathy is the best friend of cancer. It wants us to pay it no attention.


Still Here: Cancer is still here, but so are we. The campaign provides a poignant, emotive and stark reminder of the devastating effects cancer has on the lives of patients, survivors and families and yet, there is a positive ray of light shining through from the unwavering support of friends, family and the Irish Cancer Society while the rest of the world stood still for the last 12 months.

Still Here features real-life cancer patients and survivors at different stages on their cancer journeys.

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