Showing fans why homophobic chants have no place in professional sports

On Pride Day, Danubio FC in Uruguay confronted their fans with their homophobic chants and asked them to explain the meaning of the words to their children. Unable to explain to their kids why they promote homophobia in their chants, they reflected and realized it was time to change. Together with the club's most radical fans, they rewrote the words to homophobic songs and sang the modified chants during the most important game of the year against main rival demonstrating that hate has no place in professional sports.


Football fans in Latin America, especially in countries like Uruguay, are particularly violent, with several deaths per year due to settling of scores. They often pressure clubs to obtain favors and engage in illegal business. To demonstrate their passion, teams like Danubio FC were using hate speech in their songs, promoting homophobia even among children of adult fans.

Our brief proposed taking action that no one could ignore and would get fans and society talking about the issue of homophobic chants that would serve as a starting point for educating fans and eradicating the hateful chants, not just Danubio FC but with all soccer clubs.

We identified a group of fans and their children in the most popular stands at matches and confronted them with their negative chants, asking them to explain the meaning of their lyrics to their children. Unable to explain to their own kids why they promote homophobia in their chants, they rewrote the songs.

The video was the club's most engaged with and shared over the previous four seasons, generating support from Danubio fans, the club's rivals and dozens of other teams throughout Latin America as well. Club leaders joined in singing the new chants during the most important matches of the season. Today, across the country Danubio is considered at the forefront of eradicating homophobia from Uruguayan sports.

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