Figures from the NHS show that around 3,200 British women are diagnosed every year with cervical cancer.

Cervical screening prevents around 70% of cervical cancer deaths but, shockingly, less than 70% of eligible women and people with gynae organs between the ages of 25 and 64 took up the offer of free cervical screening last year.

If everyone attended their appointment, screening could prevent up to 83% of cervical cancer deaths.


Tap into one of the hottest holiday Instagram trends, ‘hot dogs or legs’.


As you’re often in the same position sat poolside or lying on a beach as you are for your screening appointment, the film plays on the comparison, helping women make a positive association with a test that could, quite literally, save their life.

Flicking between snaps of beachy hot dog legs with titles that boast ‘Check me out’, the social campaign film which launched on the first day of Cervical Cancer Prevention Week (23 January), asks women to be checked out ‘for a better reason – to save your life.

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