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Christmas Love

When love has no age limit – and Christmas is the love that unites us.


In a critical period for sales and with an investment in media significantly lower than that of its competitors, our campaign would have to simultaneously guarantee the fulfillment of Vodafone´s brand and commercial objectives. To achieve that we needed the most impactful Christmas campaign ever.


Portugal is a country with more older people than youngsters, and when we think of technology we automatically think of the latter.

But the reality is that the use of technology (especially mobile) has become widespread, to the point that more and more elderly people have access to smartphones and are active on social networks – a new paradigm that helps mitigate the effects of aging. This provides access to information and topics of interest and takes away the feeling of isolation and loneliness. The mobile phone and the world that we carry on with it can have a very special side effect: the flourishing of love. Until recently, love between the elderly was almost taboo – which brings us to the beginning of our happy ending Christmas story.


Christmas is the love that unites us’ is the motto of the campaign that tells the story of a daughter who picks her octogenarian father up from a nursing home to celebrate Christmas. It’s a moving story about how we relate today and how, regardless of age, we have the power to start again and embrace happiness when it knocks on our door.


The campaign's film had influence across borders and topped views on the Ads of the World website. It was the most effective campaign, having won three times the interactions of its competition and twice the rate of engagement on social networks, exceeding its objectives in all brand indicators – including a substantial increase in business.

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