How do you convince a digitally immersed, mobile-first Filipino McDonald's customer to visit the restaurants more frequently to dine-in, take-out or drive thru?


It’s no secret that Filipinos are the world’s top social media users, spending almost four hours a day on social media. According to the Global Digital Report, 98% of these active social media users access it via their mobile phones. Filipinos want to know about their world, they crave interaction and seek connection

It’s trendy to be economical, and people share the bargains they find with enthusiasm – especially if these discounts are personalized for them. And it’s not enough that they can save money while still enjoying their craving – there’s a very strong social aspect to it.

Seeking connection and status, the new McDonald’s app with coupons becomes the social currency.


Working with ‘Sarap pag nandito ka’ (You are welcome here) because the McDonald’s app lets users know about the moments of fulfillment, happiness and value every time they visit.


The McDonald’s app drove 50 guest counts per store, per day in 2020.

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