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The Credit Union came to us with a problem. Despite being the most trusted brand in the country (in stark contrast to their financial institution competitors), it wasn’t enough to combat customer apathy. They needed to increase loan enquiries but struggled to shift the perception as an organisation with antiquated product offerings - with many of their branches not offering services such as online banking, or ATM functionality.

They needed a way to ring out an alarm bell for customers they felt were sleep-walking into loan offerings from banks without fully considering the potential benefits of other financial institutions.


Financial institution comms had become generic, sterile advertising that cast banks as the hero, ‘allowing’ successful loan applicants to live fuller and richer lives. Social reaction suggested this rang hollow.

So we decided to do something a little unusual in the sector - unashamedly tell the truth. If we were honest about our issue and acknowledge the reason why, we’d be given an opportunity to make the pitch for why our members should come back.

To break inertia and position ourselves as a completely different entity to our competitors, we needed to ensure that our tone felt completely different – humorous and as personal as possible - to wrap tactical messaging in a softer brand tone, and break from category norms.


'The Credit ReUnion'. We knew that 18-35 years old were most likely to take on debt, and also least likely to be currently active credit union members. So our creative, media and connection strategies reflected this.

We launched 'The Credit ReUnion' platform – an open invitation to inactive members to re-engage with their local branch, and embrace all that made credit unions unique in the financial sector.

It began with a nationwide campaign to find and bring back one long-dormant member named Dan, before inviting the nation to reunite with their local credit union.

But we didn’t stop there. During the week-long search outdoor ads began appearing up and down the country along with local guerrilla posters, complete with a hotline number anyone with information on Dan could call.


The campaign delivered a 26% increase in the value derived from loan enquires YOY (the KPI target was 10%), with an increase of loan enquiry leads totalling €12.1m for the island of Ireland.

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