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Daddy Yankee vs. Breast Cancer

The most streamed artist of all time announced a new rap battle to inspire cancer patients.


  • Susan G. Komen


  • San Juan


Susan G. Komen’s main fundraising event, Race for the Cure, is an event held every year, joining many other charitable race events for various causes. Our objective was to promote it with a different approach.


Jessie Reyes, 29, was diagnosed with cancer and had undergone her first rounds of chemotherapy. Actor and rapper Daddy Yankee interviewed Jessie along with other cancer patients and survivors, some in remission, others still in treatment, with their testimonies serving as inspiration for Daddy Yankee to write a powerful song using their words as lyrics.


Rap battles are usually between two artists, but Daddy Yankee challenged a different opponent: breast cancer. Daddy Yankee met with breast cancer patients and survivors and, inspired by their anecdotes, he wrote the rap battle Me Against You.

The music video featured recently diagnosed breast cancer patient Jessie Reyes, who became an overnight media sensation.


The music video was launched on Apple Music and You Tube, and media outlets from around the globe praised the song and Daddy Yankee for his talent and contribution to Susan G. Komen. As of February 2019, the music video had over 13 million views.

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