Launch new Danone’s campaign that introduce a new generation of authentically crafted yogurt. Transform consumer’s perception as they are more conscious about the impact their food choices might have on planet, society and their health. As they want to be reassured on how their product was sourced & produced Danone offered a new range of product made in an authentic way.


The product launched was the new yoghourt with grazing milk and fruit juice. And one of the main characteristics of the grazing milk is its variability. This variability depends on the pasture, which depends on many factors, such as climate and orography. So for different rain, we will have different grass, that means different milk and different yoghurt.


And if we talk about rain, we can say that in Galicia (north region in Spain) they have 100 different words to talk about rain. A poetic way of talking about the quality of grazing milk linking it to its D.O. And this is why the nature and love of Danone farmers make each yogurt unique.


Good reception of the campaign thanks to regional adaptations by zones. Regional and national coverage in PR.

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