Danone's Prideful Posters became trending topic for 3 days in a row in Spain. The revision of the families represented in the classic Danone posters raised a wave of applause reaching almost 30 million people. The response of society defending it against a few haters who attacked it was resounding. With just a few posters produced, the value of the investment in public relations was close to 550,000€.

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At Danone, we have been accompanying families for more than 100 years and with this campaign we want to pay tribute to them. That is why we have redesigned our historical campaigns to adapt them to today's society and represent the diversity of today's families, conveying Danone's values of diversity, inclusion and respect.


Danone claims that the differences between people are what enriches us and aspires to promote a more egalitarian, respectful and fair social vision that leaves no one behind. For this reason, during Pride month, it will make its commitment to the LGTBIQ+ collective visible through different initiatives, participating in the celebrations planned in Barcelona and Madrid.In this context, we have been asked to develop a campaign with the following objectives:- To position Danone as an attractive company for new generations.- To raise awareness of Danone's support for any type of family.


InspirationWe wanted to illustrate the new family models and demonstrate the diversity that exists in our society. To do so, we recovered some of Danone's most iconic advertisements. Posters from the golden age of poster design, illustrated by famous illustrators such as Alain Gauthier and Hervé Morvan that always showed the classic family.


A reinterpretation of 8 historical advertisements of the brand, illustrated again as the different family models that exist. Our way of connecting with all the people with a simple message that managed to put on everyone's lips a current topic and that made the public reflect on the true meaning of family. Making it clear that we have a point of view and values centred on families, whatever they are.


We achieved great notoriety in networks being trending topic 3 days in a row in Spain. We received the applause of hundreds of people for the action and reinforced Danone's role as a brand that cares for and is always close to families.

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